All About The Casino Game Bola Tangkas

Gambling games all over the world are very famous. Those people who usually like the game cannot avoid playing these games for a long time. One of the most popular games in the history of the game is poker. Most people around the world who like the game know poker. But very few know the Indonesian version of poker called Bola Tangkas. This is the somewhat different form of poker. It is played using 7 cards. The player who receives the highest combination wins the round of the game. It is also known Tangkasnet. Bola Tangkas is usually played on a computer console that looks like the slot machine. On the other hand, this game became important in Indonesia in the early or mid-1980s. Since then it has been unstoppable and has been increasing more popular with each passing year.


Now this game has been around for a long time. It is also said that this game became a popular game during the 1980s and that is when it began to play regularly in almost all popular casinos in the various cities of Indonesia. When this game became popular, those people were more inclined to Tangkasnet or Bola Tangkas than the other table games that prevailed.

Why It Became Popular

There are several reasons why this game became so popular in the 1980s and still is. People often consider that the devices used to play other board games are very intimidating. The devices that are used in this game are much simpler. As a result, more people were attracted to this game. One more reason why a lot of people preferred Bola Tangkas was that it involved smaller machines. This meant the odds were better that resulted in its popularity. Click here.

How to Play Bola Tangkas

The rules and regulations of Bola Tangkas are quite basic. In the beginning, all players must bet credits that can be one or more than one. The bets must be placed by inserting money that can be coins or notes in the machine. When the bet is placed, the player has to press the cast button and then start stealing the cards. The player has the opportunity to discard or keep one or more cards in replace for another card drawn from the virtual card deck. When the last draw is finished, the machine makes a payment after having evaluated the hand. If the payment matches the hand of any of the players, then that player wins.

The Best Website to Play in Indonesia

This game as mentioned is played online and one of the best websites to play this type of poker is Royal 99 Bet. This has a really great interface. In addition to this website is actually fair and honest. In Indonesia, that is just the reason why it is considered the best. Apart from this, it provides a lot of other online games as well such as poker, blackjack, casino ball and many other online games. For more information visit:

The Truth Behind the Argument: ‘Is Online Poker Rigged?’

Tangkasnet really has become vastly popular with more and more looking to play each day. However, there is an argument going on in the poker world as to whether or not online poker is legitimate or even rigged. You absolutely cannot blame people for wanting to ask the question as it seems as though it would be easy to rig a game of poker online. So, what is the truth behind the argument? Is online poker rigged or is it a safe game to place your money on?

Which Sites Are You Using?

Let’s be completely honest, online poker can be rigged but it will depend on the sites you are using. For example, if a dishonest web owner is setting up an online poker platform, they can employ people to help rig games so that their chosen players win or that the house wins in one way or another. If you use this site, you could be putting your money at risk. However, if you are careful about which sites you are using, and maybe even using some of the widely renown sites, you will be far safer. If you look for good tangkas online sites, you should be completely safe when playing online poker.

It’s Hard to Rig Poker

There are more restrictions in place than ever before when it comes to sites online. Yes, games can be rigged but it’s harder to do so and more companies are avoiding running scams simply because they know how risky it can be. If companies are found to be rigging games, they can lose their gaming license and they can actually be fined and face legal action too including jail time. Governments are coming down hard on such activities and that’s why fewer people are rigging games. Tangkas android can be very useful and most people will love them. Fewer games are being rigged online.

Computer Automated

In truth, online poker games are run via computers—a server that is automated and generates the games and the cards that are dealt. That absolutely helps to make the games tougher to rig and the amount of work that goes into attempting to rig a game, isn’t worth it. It will help to make online poker a lot safer. Of course, there will also be a risk of finding a rigged game but again, it’s going to depend on the site used and how trustworthy the site is. Tangkas online has never been more popular today. 

Don’t Let Fears Worry You

Yes, there is always a chance a poker game can be rigged, both online and offline, but there are more restrictions in place and far more security and checks. That doesn’t mean to say every game you play will be rigged. There can be lots of good websites that are safe to use and offer legitimate games as well. You shouldn’t always believe the games you play are at risk. Tangkasnet android really can be an enjoyable option for most poker players.

The Legality of Online Poker

Online poker is very popular with more players looking to tangkasnet to play their beloved games. However, there are thousands of poker players that are a bit unsure over whether playing online is legal or legitimate. It can be unsettling to play poker unless you know for sure if it’s legal to play. So, what is the legality of online poker? Read on to find out more about this issue of online poker legality.

Is Online Poker Legal?

Despite what you might think, online poker is entirely legal. However, some laws and guidelines are going to be slightly different from how many online casino sites are regulated. When it comes to legality, it is regulated in a variety of ways depending on which country the site is hosted in. For example, in the US, the site must be entirely situated in the US or based in the same state. Every country has their own regulations over online poker, so it is well worth looking into this closer when you’re interested in tangkas online.

What about Collusion and Insider Cheating?

There are potentially problems with collusion between players and of course, insider cheating. How is this possible? Well, players can set up multiple accounts and increase their chances of winning each game and tournament which is of course cheating. What’s more, if someone knows about the setup then there is a real risk of insider cheating. However, there have been steps being taken to help ensure this cannot occur. Tangkasnet is a great site to consider checking out as well. What’s more, there are risks especially if a player has worked on the site and can use a loophole to look at the other player’s cards. That is why there are more restrictions for online poker and it’s easy to see why that is. more details here:

Understanding the Risks

Legality is confusing when it comes to online poker as so many seem to believe it’s not legitimate. However, online poker is legal and legitimate. What you do have to understand the risks that are involved with the online poker world play. There are times when the risks are higher than other times and that can be a real issue to say the least. However, tangkas online is pretty safe and online poker sites are getting stricter and there are more security in place to help reduce the overall risk to players. When you know the risks, you can feel more content playing online poker.

Legal Poker Player

There are some issues surrounding poker online and while there are going to be some who will say they do not like the whole concept, it can be really great. Legality is not something you have to be too overly concerned with. You have to understand that online poker is getting more impressive by the day and there is more security involved too which can help keep most people safe and secure at all times. Tangkasnet is a site you might want to check out and you can find you can enjoy playing too.

5 Reasons to Play Online Poker

Tangkasnet is popular right now with more people looking to play poker online than ever before. It’s easy to see why people love to play poker as there is a lot of fun and excitement attached to it all. However, there are many who seem a bit unsure over playing online poker and it’s easy to see why. For most, online play is a new concept and they are often worried they are at risk. The following are five top reasons as to why you should play poker online.

It’s a Convenient Way to Play

Going online is great. When you go online, you are getting a far more convenient way to play poker online. You have the ability to choose which sites you want to play as well as when and where you play. That is why there is now more people choosing online play than ever before. You could check out tangkasnet to explore more gaming options too. There has never been a better time to look to playing online poker.

You Can Enjoy a Variety of Tournaments

Online play enables you to check out a variety of websites and that can essentially give you more access to games and tournaments. It’s great and you don’t have to be limited in terms of which games you wish to play. Bola tangkas can be a really fun game and it can certainly be a very useful way to play poker too. There are lots of amazing tournaments to opt for and having more choice is just great.

You Can Set Your Own Limits

Let’s say you want to limit how much you are spending and losing per day—it can actually provide you with a better way in dealing with online poker games. Instead of continuing to spend hundreds of dollars per game, you can set the limit which can limit how much you lose. That can be a very useful way to get more value for money and it can avoid losing too much at one time too. Why not look at tangkasnet and find out more about which games you can play.

Less Pressure to Walk Away or Bet Big       

When you are sitting with players at a poker table, there is big pressure for you to stay until you win or until you’ve bet all your money. Sometimes, even when you don’t feel pressure, you don’t want to show the people around you, you’re walking away. However, with being online play, you don’t have to lose face or feel overly pressurized either. You can walk away when you feel it’s time and you can be a lot more sensible with your bets too. Bola tangkas really enables you to bet more sensibly and feel comfortable with your bets too. Online play takes away some of those pressures with poker.

Play on the Go!

Another great reason as to why you should play online poker is down to the fact that you can play on the go. You can play wherever and whenever and you can really enjoy the entire experience. There has never been a better time to get in on the action and with more gaming sites available; it really makes a massive difference. Tangkasnet is a great option to consider checking out today too.

Love Poker

Strangely enough, online poker has become hugely popular and it does seem as though more and more are choosing this than ever before. It’s easy to see why so many people love to play online and it’s not just convenient but really useful. There have never been so many who choose to play poker and you are going to be able to play and enjoy the experience more so. Bola tangkas can be so enjoyable.