All About The Casino Game Bola Tangkas

Gambling games all over the world are very famous. Those people who usually like the game cannot avoid playing these games for a long time. One of the most popular games in the history of the game is poker. Most people around the world who like the game know poker. But very few know the Indonesian version of poker called Bola Tangkas. This is the somewhat different form of poker. It is played using 7 cards. The player who receives the highest combination wins the round of the game. It is also known Tangkasnet. Bola Tangkas is usually played on a computer console that looks like the slot machine. On the other hand, this game became important in Indonesia in the early or mid-1980s. Since then it has been unstoppable and has been increasing more popular with each passing year.


Now this game has been around for a long time. It is also said that this game became a popular game during the 1980s and that is when it began to play regularly in almost all popular casinos in the various cities of Indonesia. When this game became popular, those people were more inclined to Tangkasnet or Bola Tangkas than the other table games that prevailed.

Why It Became Popular

There are several reasons why this game became so popular in the 1980s and still is. People often consider that the devices used to play other board games are very intimidating. The devices that are used in this game are much simpler. As a result, more people were attracted to this game. One more reason why a lot of people preferred Bola Tangkas was that it involved smaller machines. This meant the odds were better that resulted in its popularity. Click here.

How to Play Bola Tangkas

The rules and regulations of Bola Tangkas are quite basic. In the beginning, all players must bet credits that can be one or more than one. The bets must be placed by inserting money that can be coins or notes in the machine. When the bet is placed, the player has to press the cast button and then start stealing the cards. The player has the opportunity to discard or keep one or more cards in replace for another card drawn from the virtual card deck. When the last draw is finished, the machine makes a payment after having evaluated the hand. If the payment matches the hand of any of the players, then that player wins.

The Best Website to Play in Indonesia

This game as mentioned is played online and one of the best websites to play this type of poker is Royal 99 Bet. This has a really great interface. In addition to this website is actually fair and honest. In Indonesia, that is just the reason why it is considered the best. Apart from this, it provides a lot of other online games as well such as poker, blackjack, casino ball and many other online games. For more information visit:

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